So this is my Website. It is nowhere near finished but it is getting updated every day. Currently, if you click on the menu and go over to backing you will see all the backing videos that I have made and there are so much more going to be going up. I have made it that you will see what the video is going to be like before you watch them. I’m trying to make this as user-friendly as possible. I’ve created the site myself. I did pay a company a bunch of money to create the site and run it, but that wasn’t working out, they were not able to see my vision and it was adding a lot of stress to my life that I did not want. So, here is what I have come up with.
I am going to start charging pretty soon. But it’s not going to be much. I’m going to start advertising pretty soon too and I’m going to need money to do that. Let me know that you think of the backing page, again, its a work in progress. Email me at and tell me what you think. The earlier you register and cheaper it will be.
Also, check out this article that was done on me at