My Trucking Skills - The Game

My Trucking Skills USA or Europe to choose from after purchase.
You will have to choose between Hard, Normal, Bonus levels, or CDL Levels. The Bonus levels are a bit crazy and difficult, you will even come across a 100-foot trailer to play with and different axle positions that where there will be one hell of a trailer swing. The only difference between Normal and Hard is in hard there will be a thing I like to call BLIND SPOTS turned on, this blacks out any area that you would not be able to see from the truck’s cab. There will also be a button called the GOAL button “2022-07-01 18_12_07-My European Trucking Skills (DEBUG).jpg” (GET OUT AND LOOK) that you can click on to remove the Blind Spots, and just like in real life, you will not be able to drive while you are getting out and looking, so remember to click it back to turn on the Blind Spots to you can drive. You will get dinged a few seconds if you get out and look too many times. That is what the counter is.
And Normal mode is just controlling the truck from above where you can see everything. CDL levels focus on the types of backs you would need to perform if you were practicing for your CDL test. I added nearly every trailer length and axle position.


NO mac OS, sorry

You can download the iOS version from the app store. or Andriod at the Google Play Store

*If you have a really old PC or Laptop, it may not work, I’m not sure why, but if you send me a screenshot of the problem, I will give you a full refund.

Game Controls
The Sliders – This may not be everyone’s favorite but I love it, you set the speed you want to go and just worry about the steering with your mouse and you can double click to stop or slide down or up to stop. The top 75% of the screen controls the speed and the lower 25% is for the steering.
Keyboard – The arrow keys or ASDW keys can control everything too, if you want to stop, just go in the opposite direction.
You can use the keys and the mouse at the same time
Game Controller – You can use any game controller out there, if it doesn’t work, then you can change the buttons to what you want them to be in the gamepad config settings
Steering wheel and Peddles – I use the PXN900 and that works great. You can use any steering wheel out there, you will just need to change the buttons in the CONFIGURE GAMEPAD settings.

For none Controller users, there is a steering wheel return option that you can toggle in the settings. That means that the wheel will return to the middle when you let go of the mouse. It will only return to the middle going forward, not in reverse. That’s the way it is in real life.

2022-07-01 17_30_30-My European Trucking Skills (DEBUG).jpg If you click on this button you will be able to go twice as fast, works well when you are using the pedals to control the speed, but not so well when you are using the sliders or the keys.
If you have any problems please email me at mytruckingskills@gmail.com

Game Controls


The game file is safe to open.  Just click on keep like in the above image and then unzip the file. and play the game. It’s just your computer playing it safe is all.