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If it’s not there, you can still download it from an automatic email from me with the links, but it’s probably in the SPAM or JUNK folder, so make sure to check that.

My (USA)Trucking Skills

My European Trucking Skills

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Logitech Steering Wheel Instructions

Please download Logitech G-Hub to allow the steering wheel to work with the game. 

Here is a link for to download G-Hub

Logitech G-29 Purchase

Read This Before Downloading

When you download the link, your computer might be skeptical to download it because it is a ZIP file, but that is the only way to get the game for now.

Open the zip file, then drag the file to the desktop. That is where you can open the game from then on.

Game Controls
The Sliders – This may not be everyone’s favorite but I love it, you set the speed you want to go and just worry about the steering with your mouse and you can double click to stop or slide down or up to stop. The top 75% of the screen controls the speed and the lower 25% is for the steering.
Keyboard – The arrow keys or ASDW keys can control everything too, if you want to stop, just go in the opposite direction.
You can use the keys and the mouse at the same time
Game Controller – You can use any game controller out there, if it doesn’t work, then you can change the buttons to what you want them to be in the gamepad config settings
Steering wheel and Peddles – I use the PXN900 and that works great. You can use any steering wheel out there, you will just need to change the buttons in the CONFIGURE GAMEPAD settings. You can check out the PXN900 with this link, also if you do buy the PXN900 or anything else from any of the links that I have provided, I get a small percentage for the sale. 

For none Controller users, there is a steering wheel return option that you can toggle in the settings. That means that the wheel will return to the middle when you let go of the mouse. It will only return to the middle going forward, not in reverse. That’s the way it is in real life.

2022-07-01 17_30_30-My European Trucking Skills (DEBUG).jpg If you click on this button you will be able to go twice as fast, works well when you are using the pedals to control the speed, but not so well when you are using the sliders or the keys.
If you have any problems please email me at mytruckingskills@gmail.com


If you want to uninstall the game or reset it to fix the game for some reason Copy and paste this %appdata% into any windows address bar, and it will take you to a hidden roaming folder and locate My Trucking Skills or my My European Trucking Skills and delete everything in the folder. That will get rid of any stars or settings that you have done in the game. It does a complete reset.