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If its not there, you can still download it from an automatic email from me with the links, but it’s probably in the SPAM or JUNK folder, so make sure to check that

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Read This Before Downloading

When you download the link, your computer might be skeptical to download it because it is a ZIP file, but that is the only way to get the game for now.

Open the MTS_THE_GAME.zip, then drag MTS_THE_GAME.exe to the desktop. That is where you can open the game from then on.


You can resize the game window to fit the whole screen if you want. The top 75% of the screen controls the speed by clicking on the screen and moving up to go forward and down for reverse.


The bottom 25% of the screen controls the steering by clicking on the screen and moving left and right. 
DOUBLE TAP anywhere on the screen to stop.
Go to setting to change the controls to buttons where you can use up, down, left, and right keys or W, A, S, & D to control the truck too with the spacebar to stop. The slider is the preferred way to play, you have more control.

In setting, you can change the way the steering wheel returns to the center. It is set to default for the steering wheel to return to the center then driving forward when you let off the mouse. Change it in setting and it won’t auto return.

If you want to uninstall the game or reset it to fix the game for some reason Copy and paste this %appdata% the click on